Sunday, June 24, 2007

Suzuki Swift Sport Turbo Charged

Well, finally after 10 days of waiting, we finally get to tune this Suzuki Swift Sport Turbo Charged. Running on a small turbo and tuned using emanage blue unit.

It comes stock with twin cams, forged pistons, VVT technology and has a 123 bhp at 6800 rpm spec. After putting in the turbo kit, the car is able to sustain the high end power band better via boosting. We give this ride a 0.4 bars of low boost setting and set the car moving. Turbo spools early at 2000 rpm and churns its max boost at 2500 rpm. I personally find this ride hard to control as the amount of torque the stock car has and in addtion, the massive torque from the turbo, equals a huge sharp increase in torque at the very rpm range. You get something very very torquey, a light tap on the throttle and you get the car surging.

When the car reachs the 60km/h range, the turbo spooling effect does improve the overall delivery of power. The pull from 60 kpm onwards is not with the help of the turbo which give the car the extra push it needs since the swift sport's weakness is on the high end side, this turbo sure comes in handy.

Overall verdict is average, as the turbo effect is not as pronounce as other underpowered cars with the kit improving the bhp significantly. I think this kit is more for those who have already maxed out swift sport engine and the driver is looking at squeezing even more from the engine on the mid~high end side which is lacking in this car.

Tuning is also a challange as the compression ratio is 11:1.

Ok, if you already lost to this ride, you'll lose even more this time.... hahaha

tune until 3 am... I think should rename this site to 3am tune blog...

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